Uniforms at Tall Cedars Academy

Uniforms at Tall Cedars Academy Creating a sense of community and support is of utmost importance to us at Tall Cedars Academy. By requiring our students to wear uniforms with q250 flashlight logo, we build a feeling of team work and school pride, like that of a sports or athletic team. Students are required to wear uniforms daily. They will help identify us as proud students of Tall Cedars Academy, as well as making us stand out when we go out in the community for a field trip, or other school sponsored event. For ordering information, see the bottom of this page.

Benefits of School Uniforms

School uniforms have a positive effect on students AND teachers! School uniforms promote a single standard of dress. Therefore, school environments become less competitive and more focused on learning. Similarly, research has shown there is a link between a student’s appearance and teachers’ expectations.

School uniforms boost school spirit!

Helping to build a sense of community within the school, uniforms create an atmosphere of belonging. This essence of unity can positively effect a child’s attitude toward school and can lead to better learning and improved attendance. A child excited about school is a child ready to learn! “Hurrah!” for school pride!

School uniforms make mornings easier!

Uniforms eliminate the need to argue over what to wear to school everyday. Through simplicity, uniforms promote time efficiency, organization, and neatness. Parents and students agree that getting the morning off right is the key to a productive and happy day.

School uniforms encourage individual self-expression.

With uniforms, students find ways to express themselves creatively, rather than through their clothes – through the arts, music, sports, personality and academic achievement.

School Dress Code

Tops: (all tops must bear the Tall Cedars logo when the option is given during ordering.)

  • Blue Blazer (optional)
  • White or Blue Oxford Shirt (long or short sleeves)
  • White Concert Blouse
  • Blue or White Peter Pan Collar Top
  • Collegiate Green and White Stripe Shirt,
  • Chambray or Denim Shirt (long or short sleeves)
  • Navy or Green Cardigan, Crewneck or V-neck Sweaters
  • Navy and Green Argyle Vest
  • Navy or Green Cable Crewneck Sweater
  • Navy or Green Fine Gauge Cardigan
  • Chambray Blue, White, or Evergreen Interlocken or Mesh Polo Shirt (long or short sleeves)
  • Navy, Green or White Turtleneck Shirt
  • Any TCA Gear (available directly from Tall Cedars Academy)


  • Navy or Khaki Dress Pants or Shorts
  • Navy or Khaki Stretch Cord Skirt or Pant
  • Navy or Khaki Stretch Flare Chino
  • Navy or Khaki Chino Skirt (long or short)
  • Navy, Khaki, or Green Plaid Pleated Skirt
  • Navy or Khaki Skort
  • Navy, Khaki, Hunger Green, or Green Plaid A-line Skirt
  • Navy, Khaki, Hunter Green, or Green Plaid Jumper


Green Plaid Necktie (optional)

  • Any Navy Raingear or Athletic Wear (P.E. & Wilderness Awareness days only)

School Uniform Providers

In an effort to provide a wide range of uniform choice and pricing options for our families, we have provided you with the highest level of uniform quality, available through Land’s End clothing manufacturers. You may also utilize local children’s clothing stores for any of the items listed on the “bottoms” list which still meet our uniform requirements. Below is information about Lands’ End School Uniforms. Land’s End has a cash back program which we utilize strictly for our scholarship fund as well as easy-to-use online ordering at www.landsend.com. Once there, follow the step-by-step directions for online ordering listed below.

Lands’ End School Uniforms

  • Choose the category (Uniforms for Girls or Uniforms for Boys) and click on the appropriate size range.
  • Select the product category (polos, pants, shorts, etc.)
  • Select the item and click the size next to the color you would like. If you need help with sizing, click on the Size Chart link.
  • Enter your preferred school number in the box that will appear after the item is ordered. The Preferred School Number for Tall Cedars Academy is 9001-0855-6.
  • If you are purchasing an item that needs a logo, the logo description will appear and you may apply it by highlighting it in the drop-down menu.
  • Place the item in your shopping bag and continue shopping or proceed to checkout.

Please remember that the dress code at Tall Cedars requires that all sweaters, vests, shirts, and other “top” items bear the Tall Cedars Academy logo, and should be ordered as such.