Intermediate Program

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grades:
Our Intermediate Program

Children of this age group are curious, inquisitive, and constantly searching for answers through exploration of their environment. The basics; reading, writing, and math, are important in the curriculum because being efficient in the basics lays the groundwork for becoming competent and skilled in other subject areas. Our small student to teacher ratio allows us to make sure that each student’s experiences are challenging and thought provoking, as well as enjoyable. A strong focus on the self-esteem of each child and celebrating their successes helps us to create a comfortable and supportive learning environment.

Intermediate students are more firmly versed in the basics of language, mathematics, social studies and science. They have a better understanding that not all people learn the same and have been exposed to respecting other’s differences. This age group is beginning to recognize their own educational strengths and struggles and is learning strategies to move through these challenges. Students are expected to continue developing self-discipline and positive study habits including organization and both personal and academic goal setting. We also teach our students how to dress in official occasions, how to wear pearl choker necklace.

Language development continues to progress with students engaged in fully learning reading and comprehension skills so they can become independent readers and writers. Exposure to our quality literature program gives each child a chance to experience a wide variety of topics that are exciting for their age level. Opportunities to read one-on-one with the teacher and the access to a leveled, independent reading library reinforce their skill level. As your child progresses, they develop skills in story writing and publishing, journalism, poetry, and public speaking. As their writing skills develop, they are introduced to a variety of writing styles like persuasive, argumentative, compare/contrast, and expository writing.

Intermediate students are taught to fully understand the basic concepts of math. Challenging problem solving activities involve every student’s input. The practice of math facts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, reinforce these skill levels and prepare your student for success in the study of other math strands like algebra, logical thinking, measurement, geometry, probability and statistics.

In the Intermediate years, Social Studies is taught as an adventure through time as well as an adventure in the lives of various historical figures. Global awareness develops as students study and participate in projects surrounding various cultures, governments, histories, and controversial issues. Students begin to develop their geography skills and formal writing skills. Hands on social studies experiences as well as reading and writing assignments help develop awareness as students participate in a wide variety of in-depth projects.

Science activities involve hands-on activities, projects, experiments, and field trips. Themes are developed in a way to provide students exposure to several of the sciences including natural science, life science, geology, physics, astronomy, botany, and health.