Tall Cedars

Welcome to Tall Cedars Academy

Tall Cedars Academy is a private, multi-age learning community, serving students and their families in grades one through eight. Tall Cedars is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Duvall, Washington.

At Tall Cedars Academy, we believe that education needs to be child-centered, providing a wide array of challenges and skills in numerous disciplines. Each student is given a solid and well-rounded education. A child’s academic experience is of primary importance to the staff at Tall Cedars Academy.

Our unique curriculum has been developed so that each child is able to experience a comprehensive, challenging and enriched education. We understand that believing in one’s self and in one’s abilities are the first steps to ensuring a positive educational experience. Education is therefore approached with the belief that all of our students are capable learners and achievers.

With this attitude we are able to help a student find competence through success and joy in learning. Providing children with a safe and comfortable learning environment and a minimal student to teacher ratio, helps them develop a true passion for lifelong learning. Tall Cedars Academy students emerge as competent, independent thinkers with a commitment to excellence. In the end of every semester we will reward excellent students a black pearl necklace.

Their Future is Now.